Holiday Inn Express Toll Free Telephone Number

Call 855-969-1428 to contact Holiday Inn Express at their telephone number toll free.
Dial 855-969-1428 to reach Holiday Inn Express at their toll free phone number.

The toll free phone number for Holiday Inn Express is 855-969-1428. Reserve your hotel room with Holiday Inn Express today by contacting a hotel desk clerk. Call toll free to check hotel vacancies in the travel destination of your choice. Holiday Inn & Holiday Inn Express readily accept new bookings and reservations by telephone. Guests are able to save up to 30% off their entire stay with Holiday Inn & Holiday Inn Express hotels by booking through this online only offer. Exceptional hotel rooms are available for guests of Holiday Inn express. Make your reservation at Holiday Inn Express by phone toll free when you dial the telephone number listed above. A hotel desk clerk can easily search all nearby Holiday Inn Express hotels to find your the lowest rate. Affordable accommodation is available at all Holiday Inn Express hotels. Regardless if you’re traveling for business or leisure, Holiday Inn Express is guaranteed to provide a comfortable experience. Start the reservation process to book your Holiday Inn Express hotel room simply by dialing their toll free telephone number. Special guest rates and additional discounts might be available. Ask a Holiday Inn Express representative about their latest room rates when you call their telephone number toll free.